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Keeping Your Senior Pet Thriving: Senior Pet Care Tips


The bond between a pet and their owner is a truly special one. Over the years, our furry companions become cherished members of the family, offering u...

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Common Causes of Limping in Dogs


As a dog owner, seeing your canine companion limp can be both alarming and heart-wrenching. In dogs, limping, or lameness can arise from various cause...

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Pearly Whites: Importance of Pet Dental Cleaning


A pet’s grin is one of nature's most adorable features. As pet parents, we cherish these precious moments. But have you ever taken a moment to think a...

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National Heartworm Awareness Month: Protecting Your Pet's Heart


April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, and it's the perfect time to focus on the health and well-being of our furry friends. At VetCheck Pet Urg...

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Keep Your Pets Safe: March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month


As a pet parent, ensuring your furry friend’s safety and well-being is crucial. However, many pet owners may not be aware of the everyday items that c...

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Celebrating Pet Dental Health Month: How to Keep Your Furry Friends' Teeth Healthy


February is Pet Dental Health Month, and at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care, we are excited to celebrate this important month dedicated to promoting oral hea...

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Identifying Stress in Your Pet


After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, stress levels tend to be high for humans. But what about our animal companions? Pets are sensitive creatu...

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Pet Hazards to Avoid This Holiday Season


During the holiday season, many of us create a festive and inviting atmosphere in our homes. However, some of these decorations and other holiday esse...

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How to Spot the Signs of Cancer in Your Pet


 As a pet owner, it's important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer in pets. While cancer is unfortunately quite common in animals, especi...

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When to Seek Urgent Care in Carmel for Your Pet


As a pet owner, you want what's best for your furry friend. Part of that is knowing when to seek urgent care at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center in Car...

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Pet Euthanasia in Carmel: Knowing When the Time Is Right


Saying goodbye to a pet via humane euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will ever have to make. We all hope that when our pet...

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What You Should Know About Pet Vaccinations in Fishers


At VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we give pet vaccinations in Fishers and think immunizations are essential parts of health care. You can protect yo...

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Carmel Pet Immunization Tips


It’s National Immunization Awareness Month. Just like us humans, our pets need to stay up to date on their immunizations. Vaccines are the simplest wa...

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Flea and Tick Prevention from a Carmel Veterinary Professional


Summer is one of the best seasons to spend outdoors, but did you know it’s also peak flea and tick season? We often forget how common these pests are ...

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Advice from a Carmel Veterinarian: Protect Your Pet in Honor of National Lost Pet Prevention Month


Your beloved pet disappearing is likely one of the last things you want to think about. However, as a responsible pet owner, you need to be aware of t...

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What You Should Know About Pet Wellness Care in Carmel


Regardless of how young or old your cat or dog is, wellness care is crucial to ensuring their long-term well-being and health. At VetCheck Pet Urgent ...

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Adopt-A-Cat Month: Why You Should Consider Adopting a Feline Friend


Thinking about getting a cat? Now is the perfect time! June marks the peak of “kitten season,” a time when shelters and rescue groups are overrun by k...

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What You Need to Know About Microchipping in Carmel


May is Chip Your Pet Month, and it's a terrific time to learn more about the benefits of microchipping. According to research, approximately one in th...

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Pet Summer Safety Guidelines from a Vet in Carmel


Summer is almost here, and it’s a wonderful time to get out and enjoy time with loved ones — including the furry ones. Unfortunately, those hot summer...

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National Pet First Aid Awareness Month: Helping Your Pet in Emergencies


With April quickly coming to an end, we want to take a few moments to discuss an important topic. This month is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month...

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