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What You Need to Know About Microchipping in Carmel


May is Chip Your Pet Month, and it's a terrific time to learn more about the benefits of microchipping. According to research, approximately one in three pets will be separated from their owners by theft or getting lost during their life. Sadly, most will never make it back home.

Doors and fences help keep pets safely at home, but no home is immune to accidents. Chipping your dog or cat is the best way of having them be returned to you if they are ever lost or stolen. Here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we perform quick and easy microchipping in Carmel and would be happy to provide this service for your pet. Keep scrolling to find out more about having your pet microchipped.

Microchipping Benefits

While having your cat or dog chipped does not guarantee that your pet will be returned to you, it does significantly increase the likelihood of seeing them again. If someone brings your pet into a veterinary facility or shelter, a handheld scanner will be used in an attempt to find a chip. As long as you keep the registration information up to date, someone will get a hold of you to reunite you with your dog or cat.

The Microchipping Process

Microchipping is fast and causes only minor discomfort. The microchip - which is roughly the same size as a grain of rice - is most often implanted in the loose skin located between the shoulder blades. A syringe is used to insert the chip, so anesthesia is not needed. It takes only a few seconds and no special care needs to be taken afterward.

Microchips are 100% safe and don’t store your personal info. Instead, each has a unique ID number that is connected to an account containing your phone number and other contact information. If you move or change your phone number, updating the information is done via the web and only takes a few minutes.

Contact VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center Now for Microchipping in Carmel

Microchipping takes just seconds, and it greatly enhances your odds of locating your pet should they ever wander off. Having a furry family member microchipped is a personal choice, but at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we recommend microchipping in Carmel for almost all of our patients. To find out more or schedule an appointment, please give us a call now.

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