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Thanksgiving Pet Safety: Tips from a Carmel Vet


Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and it’s only natural to want to share your holiday feast with your pet. After all, what could most dogs and cats enjoy more than a holiday that is centered around delectable foods? Before Thanksgiving day gets here, though, it’s important to familiarize yourself with a few things that could possibly be hazardous to your furry friend. Several of the foods and ingredients people really love are hazardous to our dogs and cats. The veterinarians here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center want your pet to stay healthy this Thanksgiving. That is why our Carmel vet decided to reveal some Thanksgiving pet safety tips. Read on for more info!

Skip the Onions and Garlic

Garlic, onions, leeks, scallions, etc. belong to the allium family. These common ingredients are unsafe for companion animals because they could cause anemia. Because some pets are more sensitive to alliums than others, it's best not to share these veggies with any of your furry friends. 

Don't Treat Your Pet to Bones or Fat

Your pet would likely love chomping on a tasty bone or feasting on fatty turkey skin or gravy, but sadly, they aren’t suitable treats. Cooked and raw bones can cause choking, vomiting or diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, and even tears. And consuming too much fat can even cause pancreatitis. Your cat or dog's Thanksgiving dinner should only include lean turkey. 

Skip the Sweet Treats

Some popular dessert ingredients are poisonous to animals. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, and an artificial sweetener called xylitol can all make pets very ill or even cause death. The alcohol used in certain holiday treats is also unsafe. Plus, ingesting too much sugar just isn’t healthy for your pet. This Thanksgiving, save the sweet treats for your human friends and family. 

Reach Out to a Carmel Vet

If your pet swallows something hazardous or toxic, gets hurt, or needs veterinary attention for any other reason, contact a trusted Carmel vet immediately. Plus, now is the perfect time to bring your dog or cat in for a wellness check. Give us a call today to schedule your pet’s appointment!

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