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Keep Your Furry Friend Safe with These Halloween Pet Safety Tips


The thrills and chills of the Halloween season are upon us. This time of year is meant to be filled with yummy treats and the occasional light-hearted trick, but sometimes, the festivities end in disaster. Many of the things we love most about this spooky time of year are dangerous to our canine companions and feline friends. At VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we believe that recognizing these dangers is a crucial step in keeping your pet safe. Keep reading to discover a few helpful Halloween pet safety tips. 



Keep Tempting Treats Out of Reach

Just about everyone knows that chocolate is not safe for pets. That isn’t the only Halloween treat that could cause severe problems for your furry friend, though. Sugar-free snacks, candy corn, caramel apples, and even candies containing raisins are toxic to animals. Protect your pet safe this Halloween by keeping treats intended for humans safely out of reach. If your pet does get into something they shouldn’t, contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center right away

Choose a Safe, Comfy Costume

If you’re planning on dressing your pet up this Halloween, look for a comfortable costume that won’t restrict movement. Make sure it fits properly, too, and doesn’t obstruct your pet’s breathing or vision. Keep in mind that not all animals enjoy wearing clothing. If your pet seems anxious, stressed, or otherwise uncomfortable, remove the costume immediately. No adorable photo is worth making your pet suffer! 

Avoid Candles (and Other Dangerous Decorations)

Flickering candles set the mood for a spooktacular evening. Unfortunately, they are not an excellent choice for events where pets will be present. A dog or cat could knock a candle over and start a fire, or they could burn themself on the flame. When pets are present, battery-operated candles are a much safer option than the real thing. Avoid other potentially dangerous decorations, too, including fake spider webs, glow sticks, and fog machines. 

Call a Vet if Things Get Scary

Nothing is scarier than knowing your pet is suffering from an illness or injury. If your furry friend has any problems this Halloween, we’re here to help. Whether they ate something they shouldn’t have, burned their nose on a candle, or just aren’t behaving quite like they usually do, contact us right away for the expert veterinary care they need.

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