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New Year's Resolutions to Help Your Pet Live Longer: Suggestions from a Trusted Carmel Veterinarian


The New Year is well underway, and now is a time for fresh beginnings and healthy changes. Instead of only considering how to improve your own health this year, why not set a few healthy resolutions for your four-legged family member, too? As a Carmel veterinarian, we want to help all pets live healthy lives. For this reason, we decided to share a few New Year's resolutions for pets. Keep reading to discover a few straightforward suggestions from VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center that can have a major impact on your pet’s life! 

Make Sure You're Meeting Their Nutritional Needs

Each year, lots of folks resolve to eat healthier. Why not set the same goal for your four-legged best friend? Not all dog and cat foods are created equally, so be mindful when searching for your pet's new food. Learn about your dog or cat's individual nutritional needs, and find food that meets those needs. If you are not sure where to start, our team would be thrilled to lend a hand! 

Stay Active

In addition to potentially causing obesity, lack of physical activity often causes behavioral problems, like chewing and other destructive activities. Boost their health (and happiness!) by making exercise part of their daily routine. Dogs require frequent walks, and they benefit from games like hide-and-seek, also. Keep your feline friend active by engaging their desire to hunt with toys. Wands with enticing attachments are a great bet. Consider investing in cat trees for your pet to climb and explore, too.

Visit a Carmel Veterinarian for Wellness Services

Even if your dog or cat is healthy, they need to visit a Carmel veterinarian regularly for wellness care. Wellness care — which includes things like physical exams, vaccinations, and parasite prevention — is important when it comes to warding off disease and keeping your four-legged family member healthy. Keeping up with wellness care is a huge component of being a good cat or dog owner, too. It is never too late to get your canine companion or feline friend's wellness care back on the right track. Call today to make an appointment.

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