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3 Reasons to Train Your Dog in Honor of National Train Your Dog Month


Did you know this month is National Train Your Dog Month? Celebrated every year in January, this event was established by The Association of Professional Dog Trainers to highlight the importance of teaching your canine companion basic manners. Dogs that have been properly trained have a better quality of life and are typically happier than their untrained counterparts. Here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we believe that training your four-legged family member is an important part of animal ownership. Keep reading to discover three important reasons to train your dog. 

Training Improves Safety

Without proper training, your dog is more likely to find themself in a dangerous situation. After all, they weren’t born knowing that they shouldn’t eat everything they find on the floor or dart out into traffic. Training your dog also allows you to teach them how to interact with new people and other animals. 

Training Is a Bonding Opportunity

The task of training your dog may seem overwhelming. But instead of looking at it as a challenge, look at it as a way of bonding with your furry best friend. Dogs require mental stimulation, and they love learning new things. And as a dog owner, you’ll enjoy seeing your pet learn and grow. Training is an excellent bonding opportunity that helps you build a strong relationship with your canine companion. 

Training Keep Dog in Forever Homes

Countless dogs end up in shelters for no other reason than their owners could not handle their behavior. While no one adopts a dog intended to eventually surrender them, it happens all too often when owners fail to properly train their pets. By teaching your dog basic manners as soon as they become a member of your family, you are increasing the odds of your home being their forever home. 


Training your dog increases their happiness and confidence while making them easier to live with. Well-trained dogs tend to experience less stress during veterinary appointments, too. Whether your dog needs routine wellness care or emergency care, VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center is here to help. Call now or stop by for the care your companion needs.



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