Your Pet’s First Visit To A Walk-In Vet Clinic In Indianapolis


Bringing a pet into your home is one of the best experiences you can ever have, but it also comes with responsibilities. As a pet parent, you need to spend a lot of time considering their health and entertainment from the second your little furry friend enters your home. Not only do you have to start teaching them good habits, but you also need to take them for their first visit to a vet clinic. It can be challenging at the first stopover, but you and your pet will get used to it after a few visits. Whether your pet needs either routine or urgent care, you can take them to a walk-in clinic like VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center. In either instance, you should know what to expect before taking your furry friend to a veterinarian so that you don’t freak out.



Your Dog’s First Visit to a Walk-in Vet Clinic in Indianapolis

When your pet first visits a walk-in vet clinic in Indianapolis, there are many things your little fellow will go through. Let's look at some of them.

Physical Examination

The vet will examine your pet’s body, skin, eyes, coat, ears, nose, and mouth to diagnose whether or not they are suffering from any problem. They also test your pet’s hearing, vision, and alertness.


Vaccinations are essential for your pets because they are susceptible to several conditions and diseases. For example, puppies need vaccination to protect them from distemper, canine parvovirus, canine hepatitis, and rabies. When you visit a walk-in vet clinic in Indianapolis with your pet, they will give the required vaccination to your pet.

Tick and Flea Prevention

Keeping fleas and ticks away from your pet is extremely important for their comfort. Also, these pests can carry diseases. Ask your veterinarian to suggest any topical treatment, medication, or collar that can protect your furry friend.


Inserting a microchip in your pet’s body has become common among pet owners who don’t want to get separated from their champs. It is small in size and contains your companion’s information. You can easily find your pup or feline if they ever get lost with the help of it. Microchipping is a wonderful technology that increases the chances of reuniting with your lost pet.


Note that the vet may only become friends with the pet on the first visit and perform a physical examination. Once the pet gets familiar to the vet, you can have them vaccinated or microchipped in the follow-up visits.

Make sure to ask whatever question pop in your mind; it’s important to clear your worries about your pet. Whether your pet needs standard care or immediate medical attention, VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center has you covered. You can take an appointment or just walk-in with your friend to our veterinarian. For more details, contact us.



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