Why Should You Have Your Pet Microchipped in Tipton?


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching your pet slip out of your arms and bolt out your front door, especially if they are not wearing a collar with ID tags. However, by having your pet microchipped in Tipton, you can ensure your best friend has a permanent form of identification to provide a joyful reunion.


Facts about Pet Microchipping in Tipton

Each year, thousands of pets become separated from their owners and end up in shelters, and many—especially cats—fail to be reunited with their families. However, by having your pet microchipped in Tipton, you can ensure your furry pal will have a permanent means of identification. If you’re worried about having your pet microchipped, ease your mind with these safety measures microchipping provides:

  • A microchip cannot be removed, unlike collars, which can break or fall off.
  • A microchip is easily scanned with a microchip reader, unlike ID tags, which can fade, become worn, or be removed.
  • A microchip does not require a battery or any upkeep, and should last the life of your pet.
  • A microchip does not give out your personal information. Instead, it emits a unique identification number that is used to identify your pet with the registration company who holds all your contact info.
  • A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and rarely causes issues after implantation. Neither you nor your pet will likely feel the microchip underneath the skin.

While a microchip offers an excellent permanent way to identify your pet, remember that you must keep your contact information up-to-date for it to be effective. When you move or change your phone number, be sure to add the microchip company to your list of businesses that require updated contact info.

Pet Microchipping in Tipton

Is your furry pal wandering around unidentified? Ensure your best friend always finds their way home with the help of a microchip—a permanent identification form. For a quick and easy microchip implantation, call VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center for an appointment. By having your pet microchipped in Tipton, you can guarantee your fur baby will always be linked to you. Please call us to schedule your pet’s microchipping appointment.  

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