When to Visit Pet Urgent Care Here In Fishers

When to Visit Pet Urgent Care Here In Fishers

It can be a little difficult to know when an emergency is happening with a person (who can generally tell you how they’re feeling). That goes double for our four-legged companions, who are as a rule less communicative. While there are many emergencies that may have obvious causes, such as a car accident, there are others that may be much less obvious to owners. We’ll walk you through some examples of when you might need to visit pet urgent care here in Fishers. Keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list. After all, our pets always find new ways to surprise us! If you ever have questions about whether something is an emergency, please feel free to call us here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center.

 When to Visit Pet Urgent Care Here In Fishers


Excessive Vomiting, Diarrhea or Bleeding

If it comes out of your pet in repeated or large quantities, there’s a good chance there’s something more serious going on. Pets that begin vomiting and have repeated episodes may have been exposed to a poison or toxin. It’s especially problematic if you notice blood in the vomit. Diarrhea can be a similar indicator of something they ingested or problems involving internal organs. External bleeding is a pretty clear cut issue, though internal bleeding and hemorrhaging may be less obvious.


Failure to Eat, Drink or Urinate

On the flip side of things going out is the failure of them to do so. Trouble urinating can mean a bladder infection or stones, which can be life-threatening. Pets that refuse to take in food or water (especially cats) can also be experiencing serious issues. It’s important to keep track of these often overlooked parts of pet ownership so you know when it’s time to bring them into pet urgent care in Fishers.


Trouble Breathing

This is just as big an issue in pets as it is in people. Don’t wait to bring them in if they’re experiencing respiratory distress. A few minutes could mean the difference between life and death for your pet. If you’re confused about whether it may just be coughing, remember that there are quite a few life threatening conditions that also lead to that symptom, such as pneumonia.


General Discomfort & Restlessness

Is your dog acting antsy, unable to lie die? Are they pacing and panting? Do they seem to be trying to vomit, but nothing comes up? These are all symptoms of what we call bloat, and it can be a deadly condition when left untreated.


Toxins & Poisons

Many of the symptoms on this list are also a sign of a pet poisoning or toxin exposure. It’s critical to bring them in if you think they may have come into contact with something they shouldn’t have.


Obvious Pain

You know your pet best. If they’re exhibiting signs of being in pain, it’s time to bring them in for pet urgent care in Fishers.


Seizures or Muscle Weakness

Seizures can be caused by a number of things, from toxins to long term illnesses. Similarly, muscle weakness and collapse can be caused by a variety of inciting incidents. Both may be signs of a big problem with your pet’s health. If your pet experiences of collapse of only the back legs, it’s vital to get them into the vet immediately as prompt treatment can make a huge difference in the outcome.


If you have any questions about whether you should bring your pet in for urgent care in the Fishers are, please feel free to reach out to us here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center.


When to Visit Pet Urgent Care Here In Fishers

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