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Looking for a great source of low-cost preventive care for your furry friend? VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center offers more than just emergency care for pets! We also serve as an affordable pet vaccine clinic for Indianapolis area cats and dogs. As your pet’s advocate, we take their health and well-being seriously, making sure they get the

right vaccines to keep them safe. By using evidence-based medicine, we’re able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date preventative services in our clinic. We believe in the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we’ve seen firsthand the devastation these diseases can cause in beloved pets.


If your pet needs a booster shot or a routine vaccine, our pet vaccine clinic in the Indianapolis area can help! As a pet owner, you may already know just how important it is to have your pet properly vaccinated. Indeed, it’s one of the best ways to extend your pet’s life and keep them safe over the years. As an urgent care veterinary clinic, we are familiar with the damage that can happen when a loved one is not properly protected. And as a walk-in clinic, we are uniquely qualified to protect your pet from harmful diseases at a time that best fits your schedule. Our evening, late night and weekend hours are convenient for so many pet owners.

Pet Vaccine Clinic Serving Indianapolis

When you bring your pet in for their vaccines, we generally begin with the core vaccinations that most pets need. These include rabies and some of the other highly infectious diseases your pet could easily come into contact with. We also offer lifestyle vaccines, based on your pet’s health, breed and species, and general exposure risks. We are committed to keeping your pet guarded against life-threatening illnesses throughout their lifetime. 

If you live in the Indianapolis area, and need a pet vaccine clinic, VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center is here for you. You can make an appointment or just stop on by. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with you and your pets!


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