3 Reasons Why Your Fur Baby Should See an Expert in Pet Nutrition in Indianapolis


For many pets, mealtime is the best time of the day. Hearing dry food being poured into a dish or cracking open a can of cat food is plenty to grab any pet's attention. Food is almost certainly one of your companion’s absolute favorite things, and wanting to indulge them is normal. Unfortunately, though, overindulging your cat or dog or failing to provide the right food could be devastating to their health. 

Seeing an expert in pet nutrition in Indianapolis is an excellent way to guarantee that your furry friend consumes a well-balanced diet. Nutritional counseling benefits all cat and dog owners, but in some situations, it is especially crucial. 



Your Pet Has Special Nutritional Requirements

Like humans, some pets have health issues that limit what they can consume. For example, if your cat or dog suffers from food allergies or sensitivities, cardiovascular disease, or kidney disease, a therapeutic diet may be necessary. A nutrition expert will help you select or create a commercial or homemade diet that suits your beloved cat or dog's needs. 

Your Pet Is Significantly Overweight

Obesity is a major epidemic among companion animals in the US. Saying no to a pet who is begging for food or treats is tough, but overindulging your precious pet can be deadly. Excess weight puts unnecessary stress on your dog or cat's body. If your pet is significantly overweight, a veterinary nutritionist will develop a personalized diet to help them shed the excess weight. 

You Want to Learn More About Your Pet's Nutritional Needs

Every cat and dog has unique nutritional needs. An expert in pet nutrition can help you better understand your pet’s specific needs and help you select high-quality pet food that meets those needs. 

Where to Learn About Pet Nutrition in Indianapolis

If you are looking for an expert in pet nutrition in Indianapolis or the surrounding communities, VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center is right here to assist. With our nutritional counseling services, you can get your pet on a diet that meets their needs. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us today. 

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