Pet Euthanasia Lawrence

As a loving animal owner, you undoubtedly want to spend as many years with your dog or cat as possible. Unfortunately, our canine and feline companions have much shorter lives than our own, and the time to say goodbye will eventually come. You may also be faced with the decision of determining exactly when that “goodbye” should happen. 

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Pet Poison Control in Indianapolis

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, and here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we would like to take this opportunity to share some vital information with our clients. As you may know, we offer pet poison control in Indianapolis. What you may not know, though, are what signs to look for that could indicate that your pet has ingested a poisonous or toxic substance. Keep reading to learn more and to discover what you should do if you suspect poisoning in your pet. 

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The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we want to take this opportunity to share a bit about why dental care is so important to your pet’s overall health. The truth is, the vast majority of pets - 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats - show signs of some type of oral health problem

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Pet Dental Care Indianapolis

You probably already know that you and your kids need to see the dentist regularly for routine cleanings and exams. Did you know, though, that routine dental care is equally important for pets? Just like humans, dogs and cats need to have their teeth inspected and cleaned regularly. They may also need to have teeth extracted or

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Kitten Vaccines Noblesville

Having your pet vaccinated is a vital step in helping to ensure their long-term health, happiness, and well-being. When you add a new kitten to your family, making sure that they receive the appropriate vaccines protects them against a wide range of preventable (and potentially deadly) diseases. Keep in mind, too, that the vaccinating your

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Microchipping Westfield

For most pet parents, the thought of becoming separated from their companion is a frightening one. Unfortunately, though, pets get lost more often than most of us would like to believe. Even when animal owners do their best to keep their dogs or cats confined to their homes, yards, vehicles, leashes, etc., sometimes, the unthinkable

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Spay and Neuter Noblesville

As a responsible pet parent, you want what’s best for your canine or feline companion. And as an animal lover, you should want what’s best for the other animals in your community, too. Having your pet spayed or neutered is one of the most responsible choices you can make. It helps cut down on the unwanted pet population and ensures

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Pet Boarding Fishers

Whether you are going on an extended vacation or you will just be away overnight, you need someone who you can rely on to care for your canine or feline companion. You could ask your neighbor to stop in or drop your pet off at a boarding facility, but what happens if there is a problem? For the ultimate peace of mind when you are in

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Veterinarian Westfield

Finding a good veterinarian is a vital step in being a responsible pet parent. Dogs and cats need routine veterinary care throughout their lives to ensure their long-term health and well-being. From routine exams and vaccinations to microchipping and nutritional counseling , there are all sorts of standard services that are...
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Veterinarian Carmel

One of the most important responsibilities of any pet parent is finding a good veterinarian. There are a lot of vets to choose from, though, and it isn’t always easy to decide to whom you should entrust the care of your beloved feline or canine companion. If you are searching for...
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Pet Vaccinations Near Noblesville

When it comes to ensuring your pet’s long-term health, vaccinations are crucial. They are highly effective in protecting companion animals against all sorts of potentially deadly diseases, and in some cases, they are required by law. Whether you have a new puppy or kitten or you have recently adopted an older animal with

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Pet Vaccine Clinic in Indianapolis

Looking for a great source of low-cost preventive care for your furry friend? VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center offers more than just emergency care for pets! We also serve as an affordable pet vaccine clinic for Indianapolis area cats and dogs. As your pet’s advocate, we take their health and well-being seriously, making sure they get the

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Pet Clinic Near Carmel

We know how scary it can be when your pet is in need of urgent care. VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center is a full-service urgent care pet clinic serving the Carmel and the surrounding communities. Our veterinarian and pet care team works to treat pets with urgent care needs while using evidence-based medicine in order to ensure that

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Animal Hospital In Fishers

When you are a parent to a dog or cat, ensuring that they receive proper veterinary care is vital. Just like you and your kids need to go to the doctor for exams, vaccinations, and when you are not feeling well, animals need to go to the vet. Whether you are a new pet parent or you have relocated to the area with your four-legged

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Veterinarian Noblesville

As a loving pet parent, one of your top priorities is ensuring that your canine or feline companion enjoys a long, healthy life. The best way to do this, of course, is by taking your pet to the vet regularly. Just like we need to go to the doctor, dogs and...
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When to Visit Pet Urgent Care Here In Fishers

It can be a little difficult to know when an emergency is happening with a person (who can generally tell you how they’re feeling). That goes double for our four-legged companions, who are as a rule less communicative. While there are many emergencies that may have obvious causes, such as a...
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Welcome to VetCheck

VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center is an immediate urgent and emergency care animal hospital located in Fishers welcoming walk-in cases.

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