The Benefits of Affordable Spay and Neuter near Carmel

A huge part of being a good pet owner is making responsible and informed decisions regarding your dog or cat’s care. Aside from ensuring that they receive appropriate preventative care, have your pet spayed or neutered is one of the best choices you can make as a pet parent. In addition to eliminating the risk of unplanned and unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, these simple procedures offer a number of health benefits. At VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we are proud to offer affordable spay and neuter near Carmel and would be honored to be entrusted with your pet’s care. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits

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Pet Dental Care in Westfield: Why It’s Important

As recently as a few short decades ago, the concept of veterinary dentistry didn’t even exist. Today, however, experts know that caring for your pet’s teeth is just as important as caring for your own. Veterinary dentistry has come a long way in recent years, and we know now that properly caring for companion animals’ teeth at home and ensuring that they receive professional dental care can keep them pain-free, protect them from illness, and even help extend their life. 

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3 Reasons Your Cat Should See a Veterinarian in Noblesville Annually

Many people love cats because they are relatively self-sufficient. Unlike dogs, they don’t need to be taken outside multiple times per day, and many are content to spend their time curled up in a sunny spot on their own. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that even the most independent felines require routine care. If you have a cat who lives strictly indoors, you may think that they don’t need to see a vet unless they get sick. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. Keep reading to discover a few reasons your cat should see a veterinarian in Noblesville annually. 

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Heatstroke in Dogs: Vital Information from Your Veterinarian in Carmel

It’s August, and that means we’re well into the dog days of summer here in Indiana. It’s a great time to enjoy some time in the sun and soak up the warm weather before summer gives way to fall. It’s also, unfortunately, a time when your beloved canine companion may be at risk of suffering heatstroke. 

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Why Should You Have Your Pet Microchipped in Tipton?

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching your pet slip out of your arms and bolt out your front door, especially if they are not wearing a collar with ID tags. However, by having your pet microchipped in Tipton, you can ensure your best friend has a permanent form of identification to provide a joyful reunion.

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How a Pet Dentist in McCordsville Helps Your Pet Live Longer

When you wake up each day, you likely set out to battle morning breath, feeling much fresher and cleaner once you’ve brushed your teeth. However, most pets don’t experience such frequent toothbrushing. Besides tackling stinky breath, proper dental care can actually help your furry pal live longer. By enlisting the help of your pet dentist in McCordsville, you can ward off many periodontal problems that can harm your best friend.

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What You Need to Know About Microchipping in Lawrence

As a responsible and loving animal owner, you don’t want anything bad to happen to your beloved companion. Unfortunately, pets escape from homes, yards, and even vehicles every day. Despite your best efforts to keep your companion safe and secure, it’s simply impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of them ever getting away. 

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How to Tell if Your Pet Requires Indianapolis Emergency Vet Care

At the first sniffle or cough from your pet, you may panic and immediately call your veterinarian for an appointment. However, not every issue with your beloved companion constitutes an emergency, although it may seem worrisome to you. It can be tough to determine what situation requires urgent care, especially as a devoted pet owner.

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5 Facts About You Should Know About Oral Health Before You Walk in a Pet Dentistry Center in Indianapolis

Alarm bells start ringing when your four-legged companion’s teeth or gums are at risk. That's because your pet’s oral health is considered a significant indicator of their overall wellbeing.

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Your Pet’s First Visit To A Walk-In Vet Clinic In Indianapolis

Bringing a pet into your home is one of the best experiences you can ever have, but it also comes with responsibilities. As a pet parent, you need to spend a lot of time considering their health and entertainment from the second your little furry friend enters your home. Not only do you have to start teaching them good habits, but you also need to take them for their first visit to a vet clinic.

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Why Your Dog or Cat Needs a Pet Dentist in Indianapolis

Dentists aren’t just for people! While you likely know how important routine dental services are for you and the rest of your two-legged family members, you may not be fully aware of just how essential they are for your canine or feline companion. 

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How Pet Acupuncture in Indianapolis Can Help Your Pet

As a pet owner, seeing your best friend suffer in pain or any form of discomfort is heartbreaking. You may be reluctant to turn to medications because you’re worried about side effects, or your pet’s pharmaceutical therapy isn’t working as well as you had hoped. Fortunately, another treatment modality is gaining popularity and more veterinarians are achieving their certification in pet acupuncture, an ancient traditional Chinese therapy. Here in Indianapolis, pet acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of conditions, and pairs well with medicinal therapy, providing multiple complementary health benefits. 

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Pet Euthanasia Lawrence

As a loving animal owner, you undoubtedly want to spend as many years with your dog or cat as possible. Unfortunately, our canine and feline companions have much shorter lives than our own, and the time to say goodbye will eventually come. You may also be faced with the decision of determining exactly when that “goodbye” should happen. 

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Pet Poison Control in Indianapolis

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, and here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we would like to take this opportunity to share some vital information with our clients. As you may know, we offer pet poison control in Indianapolis. What you may not know, though, are what signs to look for that could indicate that your pet has ingested a poisonous or toxic substance. Keep reading to learn more and to discover what you should do if you suspect poisoning in your pet. 

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The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and here at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center, we want to take this opportunity to share a bit about why dental care is so important to your pet’s overall health. The truth is, the vast majority of pets - 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats - show signs of some type of oral health problem

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Pet Dental Care Indianapolis

You probably already know that you and your kids need to see the dentist regularly for routine cleanings and exams. Did you know, though, that routine dental care is equally important for pets? Just like humans, dogs and cats need to have their teeth inspected and cleaned regularly. They may also need to have teeth extracted or

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Kitten Vaccines Noblesville

Having your pet vaccinated is a vital step in helping to ensure their long-term health, happiness, and well-being. When you add a new kitten to your family, making sure that they receive the appropriate vaccines protects them against a wide range of preventable (and potentially deadly) diseases. Keep in mind, too, that the vaccinating your

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Microchipping Westfield

For most pet parents, the thought of becoming separated from their companion is a frightening one. Unfortunately, though, pets get lost more often than most of us would like to believe. Even when animal owners do their best to keep their dogs or cats confined to their homes, yards, vehicles, leashes, etc., sometimes, the unthinkable

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Spay and Neuter Noblesville

As a responsible pet parent, you want what’s best for your canine or feline companion. And as an animal lover, you should want what’s best for the other animals in your community, too. Having your pet spayed or neutered is one of the most responsible choices you can make. It helps cut down on the unwanted pet population and ensures

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Pet Boarding Fishers

Whether you are going on an extended vacation or you will just be away overnight, you need someone who you can rely on to care for your canine or feline companion. You could ask your neighbor to stop in or drop your pet off at a boarding facility, but what happens if there is a problem? For the ultimate peace of mind when you are in

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