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Pet Preparedness Month: Suggestions from a Vet near Carmel


Since June is Pet Preparedness Month, now is an excellent time to consider just how well-prepared you are for disaster. No matter how careful you are, no one is immune to fires, floods, and other types of disasters. But by taking steps to prepare now, you can weather the storm and make it through to the other side with your furry friend. The vets near Carmel at VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center are here to help you provide the best life possible for your pet. That is why they’ve created this blog post with some suggestions on how to prepare your pet for the unexpected in honor of Pet Preparedness Month. 

Update Their Identification

One quick and easy way to protect your pet is by making sure the information on their identification tag is up-to-date. And if they are microchipped, take a few minutes to ensure that the info in your account is current, too. It takes just a few moments to make changes, and having current identification info could save your pet’s life if they ever get lost. 

Put Together a Pet Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit for your pets is vital. It ensures that you’ll have everything you need to care for your pets in an emergency close at hand. A well-stocked kit should contain: 

  • A pet first aid kit complete with bandages, medication, etc.
  • Five-day supply of fresh water and food for each pet
  • Litter box and litter for cats
  • Extra collars, leashes, and bowls
  • Carriers for smaller animals
  • A list of hotels and other places in your area that welcome pets
  • Copies of health history and vaccination records and recent photos of each pet

Plan a Visit to Their Vet near Carmel

Routine checkups are an important part of keeping your pet healthy. By bringing them to a vet near Carmel, you can keep their vaccinations up-to-date and keep a close eye on their ongoing health. Talking to a vet is also a great way to get more tips regarding how to best prepare your pet for disaster. To schedule an appointment for your furry friend, contact us today. 

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©2021 VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center.